• fadedautumns 22w


    Put two fingers under my chin
    And look straight into my eyes
    I wanna know what you mean
    So merge your thoughts with mine

    These moments won't last long
    Nor will this sharp anticipation
    Say my name, murmur a song
    Anything, just break the tension

    Cover for the adrenaline rush
    But abandon all the small talk please
    Tic toc tic toc hush baby hush
    It's just a burning little craving

    We've been staring for so long
    You're so close but not close enough
    It feels so right but so wrong
    You're so soft and then so rough

    Switch off the lights, I don't care
    As long as I can still feel you
    As long as your scent lingers in the air
    I can't think of nothing new

    Slowly lean down on me, baby
    Let your hair tickle my neck
    Hold me tight, breathe on me
    If we're a ship then let it wreck

    For if today you're in my sight
    Tomorrow you'll be long gone
    Wanna make it count, tonight
    For once let's forget where we belong

    So lock eyes, baby, fire up my mind
    Wanna feel the sparks settle on your lips
    Tell me how long till I taste, till we unwind
    Till I can already feel your kiss?


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    I got a feeling that
    We got a chemistry
    Give me what's on your mind

    Tell me everything
    But it ain't happening
    Wish I could reach your vibe

    ~Sway, Tove Styrke