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    At the end of a tiring day,when things don't seem to be going your way,
    What do you search for?
    In the home made food,
    In mother's lap,
    In lover's embrace,
    In Pet's cuddles,
    In child's giggles,

    When you are under the weather
    What do you seek?
    In a gentle touch,
    In a caress,
    In the hot soup,
    In the scoldings,
    In the tears,

    When the world seems to be against you
    What do want?
    Someone besides you!
    Parents reassuring you,
    Lover comforting you,
    Siblings standing with you,
    Friend supporting you,

    When you want to talk your heart out,you need a listener,
    When you are feeling low,you wish for someone to cheer you up,
    When you feel lost,you need someone's help to get you back on track,
    When you feel hopeless, someone's motivating words can go a long way

    Everything listed above,
    That you seek, want, need, crave
    Comes from someone who loves you!
    Your bank balance can ensure the best treatment
    But can't give you someone who holds your hand as you writhe in pain,
    Someone who pulls your hair back and rubs your back as you toss out the contents of your stomach,

    Money can give you luxury, not love
    In a bid to get rich,don't lose out on your relations,
    Lost money can be earned again but
    Lost relations are lost forever...
    Now you decide, what matters more!

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    What matters more?