• oorjanidhi 9w

    In this busy humdrum of life.. how we have forgotten to enjoy the sweet nothings of life..
    The other day..in a busy market area , a young lady with one too many shopping bags came to me.. er.. umm ... Well .. could you please allow me to make a call from your mobile.. she seemed a little ruffled.. her battery was on ventilator and had to make an urgent call..... I looked at her... Ok.. but u have to pay me!
    She was taken aback though slightly.. yet .. the call was more important than a small payment.. I obliged her.. when she disconnected.. I asked her for the payment.. in case she dismisses my expectance.
    My payment Miss.. ah! Yes.. how much for the call.. she dug her hand in the pit of her handbag..
    I smiled... As a payment .. can you gimme a smile...
    She gasped .. a little amazed a little perplexed a little confused a little amused a little happy...I said, can I have my payment now!
    ...and there it was