• magic_spills_ 6w


    They ask what is my problem,
    I reveal, but they remain ignored
    What is my mistake, I'm being
    Real atleast I'm not fake?
    Is my existance a boon?
    Am I worthless? Am I?
    Why wasn’t I destroyed
    Before taking birth.
    Maybe my existence
    Is a burden? Or my miskake
    If not, why my voices are ignored?
    Why they aint even heard
    By someone?
    They never heard my
    Screams when I was
    Yelling in pain, and now when
    I'm not okay, they say,
    It was my fault that
    I never shared my voids With anyone
    Mumma? Dadda?
    I want to make you so proud of me
    I want to fulfill all your dreams, but they
    Don't understand me, trust me.
    I'm not wrong, I'm just different,
    But is that A problem? Is it?
    Aint I the kid you wanted
    Me to be? Ain't I?
    Dadda, I wanna be like you,
    Hard and strong
    But this world is so toxic,
    I can't breathe, Maybe it is not
    But it is killing me!
    Hey, can you listen?
    Would you even bother to listen?
    Would you ever give me some time?
    Would you?
    Am I still too young to be heard
    Like I was even five years ago?
    Am I too intolerable?
    Sorry, because I'm a burden,
    Just existing With a sake of living,
    But not a reason, But dear people,
    You have to be answerable
    Maybe not to me,
    But to the other hundred
    Youths striving and falling
    In depression Everyday
    Dying, because their future
    Is no more their dream, but a burden,
    They want to get rid of.