• introvert_philosophies 23w


    I know there are many movies here which basically depict same old plots but believe me Indian cinema can produce some incredibly amazing movies but the thing is no one is ready to invest in a film with good content as we, the audience are happy with 'mainstream' films which are no where close to didactic and deep movies .

    Yes, choices are different but some deep rooted stereotypes of 'heroes and 'heroines' are ruining our EQs and ability to appreciate some phenomenal movies reflecting the harsh reality of life ; however encouraging us not to give up.

    So before you say Indian cinema cannot produce good movies , please look at your choices !

    This is the same reason why there are so many underrated actors and movies today!

    For example;

    Have you watched MASAAN ?
    The film is a symbolic meaning of finding life in death and the journey towards rebirth of ourselves in the same life.( BECAUSE THOUGH ALIVE ,WE HAVE ALL DIED ONCE BECAUSE OF OUR FATE)

    This is just one of the MANY films which INDIAN AUDIENCE denied to understand and accept..