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    Dear sir

    Ref. Gratuity payment dues for employees of
    IBPS who retired from IBPS services
    1/1/2016.to 29/03/2018

    We request the honourable Director and the governing board of IBPS management team of IBPS to kindly consider our request and release the payments of gratuity from
    1/1/2016 as per the eligible rules applicable on the lines of seventh pay commission
    Central Government rules (list enclosed)as annexure and as per the practice of the institute since 1986 pay commissions resolutions please avoid corelating with the govt circular 29/03/2018 to avoid any sort of confusions

    1) For the last many years pay commissions we are considering the revision of pay scales and many other rules on the lines of Central Government rules we may refer the respective governing board resolutions

    The service rules which we intially refer were not in orgnasied format or complied format but with great efforts we could orgnasied this in book format lot of efforts were made in gathering the great information around
    the result is that we are in a positions to refer the revised updates The said service rules which are extracted from Nibm banking sectors
    and other organisations the revised and self made rules are approved by governing board of IBPS from time to time
    The institute is having governing board the different bank chairman etc they are elected as the members and chairman on GB
    Recently the seventh pay commission was introduced in two' phases upto grade E and F
    Grade onwards we have certain feelings of discrimination in our mind the basis for discrimination are as follows
    We have the apprenhesion that during 1986
    1996 and 2006 pay commission there were some employees who retired from the institute and may have considered for retrospective benefits of gratuity the database information must be available in our office records we request IBPS to review all such cases from the old records and you will observe the truth Now with this seventh commission about 3+5employees are denied the retrospective gratuity benifits which is the reason for illfilling or discrimination we request you to kindly ensure and on the lines of said guidelines practice if any
    kindly consider our cases favourably and release payments from
    1/1/2016 we cite the old casees' of Mr Naik s y Desai and many other cases who were retired from IBPS since 1986 to 2009 who were awarded the gratuity benifits retrospective there may be few other cases where we can find out the practice of the institute to pay the gratuity retrospectively it has no connection with the circular which has created lots of confusion

    2)While applying the principles of pay commission s the governing board the institute must have studied and
    Passed the gratuity proposals and pay scales and other related matters and passed
    The resolutions after proper study and thought the relative documents must be available with IBPS need to verify at their end

    The seventh pay commission agendas must have sanctioned by GB the related agendas and all proper office sanction documents must be prepared and on the lines of sanctioned communication the respective department has issued further course of action and three employees Mr Poojary Shri Budhwarkar and Mrs phansikar in grade E were awarded the gratuity from 1/1/2016
    Retrospective benifit as mentioned above this needs to be sorted out the list of such retired employees is available with IBPS

    Here it may be noted IBPS never takes such decision of their own without refering the matter to GB it always refer the matter to governing board of IBPS or by way of rectification

    The F grade onwards employees pay scales were not available as the same.were under revision process their gratuity amount was not calculated and kept pending
    Such important policy decisions