• mornyngg 5w

    Maybe someday soon,
    the sun will rise
    in the dark cave you claimed as “paradise”
    When it does will you smile big?
    Or will you not even care that it did?
    Because a room can be so bright, but inside you can still have absolutely no light.
    Maybe someday soon our paths will cross once more.
    Maybe by fate, so it won’t be forced.
    Maybe someday soon I won’t feel so empty,
    Because I am so sick and tired of pretending to be happy...
    Maybe someday soon you can shine bright again,
    Because, honestly, you don’t anymore.
    You were my day, my knight, my light.
    That’s all over now...
    I don’t know how to feel, I don’t know how to deal
    You stole my heart, and I know our love was real.