• alinazehra 29w

    A heart for a heart
    Just beyond the start..
    Away from any sight.
    We took off, on one December night.

    Separated by a distance of cold rocks
    And united by the proximity of infinite desires...

    You kept looking at me
    over those hundreds of miles
    and I kept wondering
    about those idiotic smiles!

    U were not near
    And nothing seemed clear
    An overdoze of excitement?
    Or an anticipatory fear?

    My heart my mind
    My awestruck soul through my eyes
    Went scattered and astray
    While pink replaced all my grey.

    I was hesitant, i was shy
    All the while you made me cry
    A cry of happiness, a cry of joy
    A cry of an inception, to a monotonous sigh!.

    And you looked into my eyes
    While i looked the other side
    Out flew a cascade of emotions
    No logics to any of the notions.

    You held my hand
    You held me close
    You proposed to want me
    With a dramatic red rose..

    That rose and two hearts were exchanged
    And all my insecurities got drained
    You promised to love me
    And yearned to have me.

    While all I could think of was you.

    You kept your promise
    You kept on loving
    I lingered on my thoughts
    And i kept them sowing.

    Untill this day when, you
    are still not near
    Which marks the sadness pretty clear.

    I still long for you
    I crave for you.
    Wish I could muster some courage..
    to have you.


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    My first love.

    A heart for a heart
    Just beyond the start.


    (Feelings captioned)