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    Fade to Black chapter 7


      Calvin and I had just left Kaitlyn as she search for the mystery boy she had dreaming eyes for. She could have given Marcus a shot. He's new to this school and he probably need a friend that he could have be more than friends with. Calvin and I had made our way to the bedroom. Don't get mad at me but, when I'm at a party and I like a dude I usually pretend to pass out and then he would take me to the bedroom and don't leave the room in an hour or two. In this case it worked again but not the way I expected it to. Calvin already passed out before I could I carried him to the bedroom. When we got in the bedroom and I closed the door quietly and I turned around there he stood looking at me. 

      "Oh you work fast I" said not thinking. I quickly took of my shirt. Before I could flick of my shoes he stopped me. " How come you have been playing like you don't know me since we got here as if you don't watch me every day since our first year. Oh yeah and the fact that we kissed and now I'm just another dude you want to bang and forget." He storm past me walking out the door. I quickly put back on my shirt and ran out the door and then down the stairs.  "CALVIN, WAIT," I shouted as I ran down the stairs. At a brief moment as I ran down the stairs I could see Marcus break dancing in the living room. It was just like what's Kaitlyn did last year but, she got so waisted she start doing cartwheels and backflips. I ran out door not aware I didn't have on shoes.

      "Calvin please wait just listen to what I have to say," I said. He got out his car and slammed the door. "What. What could you possibly do or say to fix", this he said. I took in a deep breath and let it out to relax myself. "Calvin I have been watching you for a year now and something about you that I could figure out. I was beginning to fall in love with you. When we kissed I felt like I had finally found something beautiful in my life I didn't what to let go." He looked at me folding his arms still not faze. *I didn't tell people that I'm gay. Only Kaitlyn, Marcus, Derrick, and you know. Not even my parents know. I'll tell everyone just so I can have you."

      " The reason I wanted to sleep with you because I felt like I was finally going to love doing it with someone I like. I felt like I would wake up the next morning with you by my side and I would finally know what happiness is." Calvin still seem to be a little pissed off what I did but he didn't have all that anger in his face like when he opened the door. He slowly walk towards me. "Did you really mean all that" he ask. "Ever single word" I replied. He then walked towards me close enough to get to my face and then he Eskimo me. "Let's get out of here and have some real fun he said." "I'm driving" I said. "Sure why not he," said. He then toss me the keys. "I just I hope you know how to drive these types of cars" he said.