• brown_ocolus 9w

    What You Did

    I was told a hundred times:

    You can commit a lot of crimes,
    But never let love into your lives.

    Never did I hear them,
    And held onto what I thought was a gem,
    Not letting go of his shirt's hem.

    Obviously I was wrong,
    And now i listen to that song,
    That told our story that ain't long;
    Which I thought was strong.

    Even after all these years,
    Your name still tops on my list of fears,
    And also on my tears.

    I can't again give you access,
    To my life that's still a mess.
    With or without you; God bless,
    Never did I see myself any less.

    Maybe there's something that you did,
    Turning me from nothing,
    To today, when I feel complete,
    Not because of you,
    But from your memories;
    Memories that still haunt...
    Haunt me to write what I feel..

    And that's what you did..
    Changing me into a poet
    Who writes about you;
    In poems that you'll never read...