• lakshitha123 4w

    Distance yourself

    Its ok if you distance yourself from people
    No one is over your mental health
    Remove toxic people
    Because its called self care
    You are more important for you
    Do not let anyone take room in your life
    Unless they motivate you or push you to success
    You are not responsible for other people's problem
    You are responsible for only your problem
    Its better to have less people who support you
    Than to have 1000 people who only degrade you
    At the end of the day you only regret for giving room to toxic people in your life
    Not because you have lesser people to know you
    People who love you will motivate you for success
    Toxic people push you down to fulfil their vile agenda
    Help everyone to make their lives easy
    Don't be taken advantage off
    This is the mantra of happiness
    Be self aware
    Not selfish