• _the_mourning_sage_ 10w


    Crawling down the eerie lane of extinction
    Even as it bled, drowning in dereliction
    It's keepers having succumbed to insanity
    Onwards still tried to forge Humanity.

    The first few cuts it had ignored
    Thinking them minor, on it had snored
    Dreamily dancing in fantastical fields
    Trusting in his Keepers, to keep reel from real.

    When the cuts did not stop bleeding
    He thought maybe, the Devil was his Keepers, misleading
    And so he appealed to them to please wake up
    The mess they were creating, kindly clean up.

    When to deaf ears it's lamenting fell
    It went to brood by the eternal well
    Surprised, when persistent sobs
    His yearned silence, from him robbed.

    Looking around it saw the Devil in tears
    Astonished, slowly it did creep near
    Asking if it could somehow help
    Even when it's own voice came as a welp.

    Looking at it, the Devil glared
    Leaving it perplexed, as it watched his nostrils flare
    Why did it seem that the Devil blamed
    Humanity, for whatever had, his happiness claimed.

    But now as it dragged itself through the clay
    Covered in blood, mud, dust and hay
    Finally did it understand
    Why the Devil's gaze, had been so bland.

    Robbed he had been of his role
    It's Keeper had, from the Devil stole
    Rendering useless even his mere existence
    Failing also, the Devil's famed persistence.

    But having been of Hope born
    Humanity still, couldn't harbour any scorn
    Towards it's Keepers whom it had nurtured once
    But had stopped recognising, for eons since.

    And so on and on it crawled still
    Hoping redemption was right by the hill
    At whose base it's Keepers had dug a grave
    For this bearer of hope, ever so brave.