• sanjanasanju13 6w

    A strong girl

    And one day, her boyfriend broke with her and the same night her mom got a heart attack.
    She admitted her mother in a hospital and she started to be alone with a lot of pain in her heart.she decided to not cry.
    But her heart was filled with pain this time she was unable to control. She cried out a lot. Then one doctor came to her.
    She said about her situation to the doctor and cried a lot
    The doctor asked her can we go out for a coffee in the evening. I will be with you. Not every boy is like your ex I will help you. Trust me
    She went with the doctor. she gets to relax for a while by talking with Him
    The doctor told me that I'm an orphan. My wife died in an accident. Being a doctor I failed to save her.
    Both talked overnight about their emotional life and professional life
    The girl asked why don't you get married again. I know the pain of living alone is difficult after my mom died.
    He replied that he didn't think about the second marriage. they become close bypassing the days
    One day the girl took him to a restaurant. After that, she proposed the doctor.
    Doctor asked for some time to think, after a few days he accepted her proposal
    They lived happily. the girl never cried in her life.