• miss_messy 5w

    Light goes on and off prompting me
    to make a move to the outside gloom.
    Clueless, I, stand gazing
    at the heavenly view.

    These intoxicating clouds, serving as the porous roof,
    makes it dark
    yet bright enough to leave me wide eyed
    at its beauty.

    The massive patterns inked in black across the sky,
    messy as it appears
    yet clear enough for I to comprehend the rhythm
    of my pounding heart.

    Moist breeze rushes past me leaving a few strands of hair
    all over my face
    yet I feel every hint of air sucked out
    of my lungs.

    While the ticklish gentle drizzile leaves me shivering
    I watch the water finding its way,down the street,
    into drain,already.
    Now, the leaves are glittering and I see the green dominating
    yet there are countlessly large sum of
    concrete mountains surrounding.

    The towers , strong and tall,that they appear,
    but for the microscopic,now-clear cracks.

    just like an alcoholic confessing his flaws when drunk,
    the drenched soul of mine escapes from the embrace of make-believe.

    the more secure and warm this place turns,
    paranoia sweeps into my veins,alerting me.

    however,the place,now is sound and serene
    except for the swoop of cranes passing the dark sky.

    An invisible anchor in my chest pins me to this panorama
    no more than a bewitched juvenile that I am ,to resist this intense charm.


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    No more than a bewitched juvenile that I am
    to resist this _magic_