• neversettler 5w

    I didn't stop for anything , went on jogs whenever I felt,
    Stayed up all nights , sometimes didn't even see sunlight,
    But it was okay , I'm alright , it felt right , I didn't need to hide when surrounded by sorrow or stress , didn't need any disguise , was already inside , nobody knew or many stay away at miles , but it all fine , I grew my hair long and cut them in half at the end of the time , cause it felt right , so yeah it is alright , so I really don't care , I did it cause I felt the need for it , Open an instagram page and then didn't knew what to write so I thought what's the whole point , I underwent so many stages and came out alive , no I didn't die in the awful year of fears and cries , Thank God I'm alright , (and the ones who are alive ), see this is my point , even in my own lines , I can't stay self focused for once in my life , so its also fine , I don't no one hears me out alright , I didn't do it all for their cunning smiles , I think all I am saying , yeah it were lousy and creepy times , but didn't we all grow ? Didn't we grow up in ourselves not like we are any childs but in mental peace , if some of us haven't yet its alright , I'm still learning on letting go some of my sides , to welcome beautiful me to live fully fiercely rest of my life and to be ready for anything coming next in line .

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    I have been many things this year
    But honestly it was all me myself this time