• alexi_silver 23w

    Welcome to my abode,
    Young and old,
    Beautiful and ugly,
    Shy and bold,
    The walls are a bit dark,
    And there are a dozen cracks and stains,
    The cold creeps in somedays,
    And there is darkness lurking in the corners,
    But, the price for the key is still high, for,
    Here you can be free,
    Everything I have is yours,
    You do not have to fear the storm or sun anymore,
    And you do not have to be alone,
    The house that houses me,
    Will be yours to live and share, for,
    My greatest strength is my loyalty,
    But remember, if you wreak apart my home,
    Force the skeletons from my closets to face the day,
    Then you will never be welcome again,
    For my loyalty is not a toy key to a toy house.
    Tread lightly.