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    A much apt name for patience; HOPE

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    There are wounds 
    Which are visible to the world 
    But there are scars
    Which introduce the world to us 
    "The scars of childhood"
    When a kid has to bloom and cherish,
    They pierce the skin underneath 
    When smile of happiness should be on face,
    Tears of pain and anger run through the
    chubby wave 
    When family has to be the only heaven for the child,
    It becomes the demon of his innocent life 
    When he has to give shape to his 'hope so' bright future, 
    He gets tangled watching the present rupture 
    With more and more pain adding on 
    More disheartened he become 
    As scars are more when compared to love 
    A child is a child 
    Who gets happy and thinks world as the most beautiful place  
    Even by the slightest love shown to him
    And this arises the hope 
    Hope of one day things to become normal 
    Hope of one day his wishes will be true 
    sometimes the hope is to get rid off everything
    And a child falls...