• hand_writtenlines 35w

    The woman who gave me body and soul
    She is the one who brought me to this world

    Ma, you're the one who accepted me with whole of your heart
    And never stopped loving me.
    I'm not sure if I've ever made you proud
    But all I've done is to cause you pain.
    I know, no sorry in the world will make it alright
    But ma, you know how much I love you.
    You gave the best of the best to me
    And I can never repay you for any of that.
    You're the strongest woman I've ever seen
    And I'm so lucky and blessed to have you
    And the replica of you in the name of a sister
    My sweetest sister, yet another strongest woman in my life,
    My second mother.
    I don't know if I can make up to all that you two have done for me
    But I think if I could love and care for my kids,
    The way you both did for me, will do!!
    For now, all I can say is,
    I love you both so so much
    And a very Happy Mother's Day ❤