• fatimaalhamar 5w

    Don't tell him he'll never find another like you. Don't get upset. Don't feel your replacement will be subpar to you. It didn't work out. Maybe he wasn't ready for you. Maybe he wasn't ready at all. But don't say he'll never find another as good as you. You gave him all your energy and he still didn't want you. That's not a problem with you. And you did nothing wrong. How beautiful is it that you were willing to do all that for someone. Your heart is open. It is soft. It's been bruised and torn to bits. Yet it remains soft. That's a beautiful thing. He won't find someone like you. But he will find someone that's more to his liking. Even the most beautiful energies aren't for everyone. Don't tell him he won't find another like you. Because he won't. He just couldn't understand your devotion. You will find someone who will. And all those times you cried. Felt used and unappreciated. Those learning curves. They help you understand what you deserve. Don't tell him he won't find another like you. Bow out with grace. And grace will come to you.