• thepencilwriter 6w

    Turning 20

    I'll be 20 in 20 hours,
    19 minutes of silence
    To think about the 18 ways of how I ruined my life,
    Like a 17 year old I'm still not ready for this cruel world
    Which tells me 16 times a day how to be a perfect women,
    15 times I looked myself in the mirror trying to be someone else
    Walking in the road called 14 steps of misery
    I taught myself the 13 ways to stay strong
    From the 12 evil forces as
    11 thorns poked me
    With 10 more steps left to walk further
    I screamed in 9 ways of agony
    As I questioned myself 8 times a day,
    Hoping for 7 wonders to happen in my life,
    Turning in the 6th street,
    Looking at the 5 different ways,
    I explored 4 different hells,
    Walking through 3 different roads,
    Finally to find the 2 real options left,
    A life of social expectations and a life of outcasts,
    I decided to walk on that 1 new road with a boad road not taken,
    Hoping to have 0 regrets in the end.
    - thepencilwriter