• naivedrew 11w

    Black Hole

    Starring at my phone screen at the curser blinking. So many thoughts in my head, but where to begin. Heart beating rapidly like I just ran miles. Tears coming down like my world is crumbling. Next to you should feel safe, yet I feel like a stranger is here imposing on our everything. I'm late by 5 days but it's a constant negative over and over again. Maybe I'm late from stress, but I can't talk to you because you're wrapped up in you, that you don't notice me and the sadness in my eyes. Dreams of mini us, but what if that's all it will ever be. Heart breaking over and over. Afraid to find out answers, because then it will be official. Can it be worse than what I've been feeling? Stress from thoughts of what if I can't give the gift of life women were blessed with. Day after day, night after night, the bright sun and moon get more dim. Black holes are left and dreams are just nightmares. Heart rate slowing down and I'm becoming calm. Music does it, but I wish it was you trying to talk to me like your constant need to be on you phone. Notice my silent screams and comfort me. Sighhh... Wishful thinking.