• 1000thman 6w

    A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart.

    A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart.

    A friend is someone who knows the song .

    For they have such a deep understanding
    Rendering that same refrain years later.
    Imagination takes you to places long forgotten
    Ego knows a true friend will always be there
    Normally so naturally to seek your company
    Devoted ? Yes, and in a very special way.

    In a way that they can sing the words
    Sing the words to the song in your heart

    Simply through love ,long after
    One has forgotten the original words.
    Mindful that a memory fades with time
    Experience the thrill of that discovery.
    One tends to forget the song in your heart
    Never dreaming that you will need to know it.
    Even in these days of cyber access to Spotify

    Who knows the song in your heart better ?
    Hearts do tend to lead the heads.
    On days when you can join your loving friend

    Keep an open mind and discuss the music
    Naturally enjoying each other’s company
    Or songs or refrains which may be significant
    With stories that fit the period of popularity
    Stories that you may not have heard before

    Then stories that you have , but will not admit
    Happy then to enjoy the conversation.
    Each song provoked a new memory

    Songs that you haven’t heard in years
    Only the words stay in the corner of the mind
    Naturally you can both pick up the refrain
    Gleefully you both smile and sing along

    In an understanding of what makes you tick
    Nothing can hold you back, no inhibitions

    You need nothing , you have this friendship
    Oh , you can truely value this friendship
    Understanding that faith and friendship
    Readily go hand in hand in perpetuity

    Heart to heart , song by song , day by day
    Everlasting love , songs without end
    An endless loop of confident friendship
    Respecting this and the songs in our hearts
    Together we can face problems encountered .