• alonenotlonely 6w

    Act Five

    Sit down boy, it's time to watch, we don't like all your games, it's too late to play hopscotch. Your mouth cannot move, your eyes cannot plead, we know who you want, we know what you need. Let's go to the screen, watch the audience shout, "what do you think you're doing? What is this all about?" Oh boy you'll find out, in this infinite act, the actors are freaks, that makes a big impact. Look it's the star! How bright will they shine! All the lights and the music, don't you think it's divine? "No sir I just don't, the lights are quite blinding, the seats are all sticky, the curtains are unwinding!" Don't be dramatic, do you want to go home? Where the lies pile up and the monster likes to roam?