• zeenatadhoni 10w


    The letters stumble themselves just when the author thinks of her .,
    He goes on scrambling in his piece of paper to express her with those letters
    But the letters know the real value ,how expensive she is they also think that they have no guts to get expressed about her
    Sometimes letters think that they are so knowledgeable bsc education is nill without letters...
    The man so called best creature of earth who invests many years to learn them and one day become so rich with knowledge ,
    But he gets too small ....to poor when the man with enormous degree holder become heartless within few moments take her to a unknown place called old age home ...
    Where she strives to get the love , care of the heartless man ....then he is deprived with nill knowledge
    She is none other then MOTHER .....who comes early in life to welcome us and goes back early to get a seat in heaven their for us ....none can describe a MOTHER...