• justtia 5w

    Words ,
    Words that you say ,
    Come back as they have a way
    Correct choices of words wouldn't hurt
    But you just have to blurt
    Wrong words come as smooth as needle going into my skin
    Bringing the pain I feel for a couple of seconds , that pain comes back at midnights very often

    Actions ,
    Actions that you take thinking humans as Lego
    So that's it wouldn't crash , your ego
    Direct or indirect , comes out straight .
    Snake making it's way chasing a person ,
    Like out of climate season

    Bitter ,
    Bitterness you have deep down for me
    Hides and Comes so good with your plastered words
    Scripted story and lines you keep stamping to every other
    Cute and sweet , honey not for long

    Hate ,
    Hate that comes from your love
    Annoying that comes after I see you saying I love you
    Not to others but to me

    Things out loud ,
    Things out loud you said
    Putting it straight into world
    Making it true and visible by universe
    Giving people power to take control over us
    Not by controlling us , misleading us into giving up

    Decisions ,
    Decisions you take it your own
    For someone you've known
    Thinking that gave you power to do that so
    Hey wouldn't you wanna see how it's goes ?

    Dominating ,
    Dominating your ways on me
    Treating me like lion in a circus
    I know it's a mad mad world
    Honey it's just a mad mad word too

    Destiny ,
    Destiny is written by stars in sky and ancestors we got no clue about
    Past is what we've ruined , present is on the way by the simplicity of knowing our future
    Destiny works with will ,
    But hey how about you use your wit ?

    Ending you don't get to decide
    Nor plan and ruin
    You just get to witness it
    Wouldn't hurt you a little bit ?