• lifeofshiv 10w

    There will come a time where everybody turns
    They threaten to leave
    Hoping it will bring change
    They want to see

    Little do they know
    They read one chapter and judged the entire book
    Little do they know
    Like Harry Potter I'm a series,
    And I'm only half done
    The ending will change your opinion
    If you spend time giving it a read,
    Only then can you see me
    Yeah, I'll be like, now you see me
    It's not easy, trying to be me
    Thank the Lord for my mistakes
    They humbled me

    It's wrong to get defensive
    Nobody wants to see you dig your own grave
    They want you to make new waves
    They wanna see you do great
    They want you to win, no stalemate

    #rhymezone #deep #truth #mirakee #writersnetwork #poem

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    They read one chapter,

    and judged the entire book