• anunknownknownpoet 9w

    I call it fancy letters, it calls me bohemian.

    I call it faancy letters dancing
    on my little bonafide eyes-the poem
    and it calls me the bohemian
    who is seeking the purity in each sight,
    we sing the farewell song together
    he cry and then me, pitch matches no matter, how high!

    It allows me to dwell into deep feelings
    holding my back, tapping it's time to sleep
    I let him to walk near the solitude where love meets Oblivion
    and soft pieces of grudge moulds into platinum

    when there was a cold war in rages
    he holded me the strongest weapon in outrageous
    people called it trigger of bravery
    he said "it is just a little heap of faith",
    it will keep you away from slavery

    [Sometimes things are just between
    papers and the pen, poems and the poets,
    love and the lovers, sea and the deeper]