• boykas 9w


    Storms too shall pass
    Oh extol the better days
    Storms do not last forever
    They only tarry us in darkness
    For a short day
    Then it pass away
    Oh beautiful years revive unto me the memories of the storms
    We all pass through apace
    In darkness
    We loss our love one's who tarry along the way and they are no more
    We love them
    But they are no longer here with us
    To continue through the narrow door
    Their hopes are loss
    And they have no hope
    For their future so they sleep till the noon set place

    My soul weaps when the storms
    Come to shake
    My faith , my heart is profounded
    My lips remain unmoved .
    And l am carried away
    By the test
    Oh there are better days ahead
    For with much storms ahead
    The better our eternal glory ahead
    Wait for the storms to pass
    There is no storms permanent
    Wait for the better glory ahead
    Of eternal rest
    There are better days ahead