• poushalidas 23w

    It's Not Worth It

    If you are expecting something from me. Then don't.
    Don't even think about for a second that I can be something more.
    I fail at a meagre task of staying up.
    Let alone be something bigger.
    I am sorry but I am not the one you think about.
    Yes. I am a regular girl. But far from normal.
    I am very much similar to the patient in a mental hospital,
    trying to wrap his mind around things he doesn't understand.
    I am similar to that girl trying to slit her hand,
    hoping to end it all.
    Or that girl who scribbles poetry with her blood,
    wishing that the salty drops on her cheek
    would dry up forever and the sun will come out soon.
    I am that girl who writes that letter a thousand times praying that some day it will be her 'last'.
    I am that girl you would call 'mental' or 'psycho' and stay away for your safety.
    Because I am not that girl in a pretty dress
    but the girl in the smudged kohl and torn pants.
    The nightmare of your dreams.
    Please... Leave me be.