• kartya 6w

    Blink of a moment

    Today I am in the mood,
    I miss her alot,because we both are career oriented and both love each other, we live in our hearts with each other.
    There are times she visits me in my dreams,
    There are moments when she visits me in my thoughts while I am listening to lecture of law...
    She opens the door of classroom,enters in the room and sits beside me.
    While the teacher is giving lecture she talks to me and giggles,tickles and whispers to me.
    Later I get carried away with her so much that a voice reaches out to me " where are you?"
    Within a blink everything changes as my face was towards the teacher all the time and there was my friend besides,not her!
    In a blink all of her and those talks became a thought.
    As she was in Mumbai and me in Mangalore.