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    Unexpected Hero

    Chapter 19 - continued

    "Saber !!!! " Silver exclaimed . " I want to fight alongside you silver , its the least I can do to avenge my late friend Crona and my student Rin " saber said . " We welcome you with open arms " silver replied . Silver said to the army " we all will return safe and sound and enjoy the sunset as free persons " the army replied by shouting in unison and the silver signalled Knightwalker that its time to roll . Xores's Capital , Raizen addressing the crowd " today marks the 21st year of our victory , its not our victory but the victory of the weak , victory of you all " ." Whats that" a man from crowd said while pointing towards the sky , Knightwalker teleported the entire resistance army to the sky above the palace , the entire army was falling down from the sky as the silver released huge wood branches in mid air , the other bosses released huge plants , ice way and rock way helping the army in Landing safely , Cana's water and Hina's wind releasing helping as well . The entire army with Knightwalker , Cross4 and Saber in front land on the ground and the silver with 4 Bosses land on the roof in front of Raizen . The crowd of people started running towards their homes in the capital . " So the rats have decided to come out of their holes " Raizen said as a intense battle between flames and resistance army was about to begin

    To be continued .....

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