• demi_god 6w


    You were in a dilemma, you had to choose a party. It was either I or them, and I made the most painful decision of my life. I helped you choose them. I became a jerk on purpose. I did things I shouldn't have done. I said all of the wrongs things. I ruined all our memorable moments and shut you out completely to make the decision easier for you. Family is over everything after all. However I messed what we had up, regardless of my insensitivity, no matter the cruel words I said, even when I did those awful things that constantly tore us apart and when I broke your heart in pieces, I want you to know this, I will always love you. I was wired for loving you. Although I pretend like I am alright, I am just a shadow of who I was, an undead entity, roaming, but it was a sacrifice worth making. Loving you was a rare privilege