• jannahstriver 11w

    Dwellers not free in Freetown

    I thought it had gone to rest in peace
    I was dazed it resurrected
    Is your memory that short?
    To have forgotten so quick!
    When whirlwind almost swept away your lives
    When heavy storm almost destroyed your properties
    When you were left out in the cold
    The blanket that didn't suffice us,we shared with you
    All in the name of unity
    Our shoulder we lent you to lean on in Your time of distress
    Part of your pain we endured
    We believe we are one
    Since,our father fought for us to be free
    Truly,looking pathetic was the bait you used to earn our help
    Brothers are keepers not killers of themselves
    Or are we not brothers anymore?
    Why shouldn't Africans be free in Africa?
    Aren't we proud of the "Africa,we are one!" we proclaim?

    #sayno to xenophobia