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    Have you realised what you did to me?

    You were never my uncle nor a generation older than me... You are still my friend, my mentor, my secret sharer, my travelling explorer, my heart teller, my guiding light and what words can never define.

    I am the flower for which you are the fragrance. But have you ever realised that why this flower was never ready to bloom completely? Here's the answer for that.. the flower wanted you throughout her life. She wanted you to guide her for every step cause she knew there was no one except you who would understand her completely. She was being immature while being with you cause she knew you would handle her for that. But, what now? You left her alone to face everything.. is that fair on your side?

    Whom would I now discuss about the book I read?
    About the hollywood movie I watched?
    Whom would I share my daily experience with?
    Who would tell me what's best for me?
    Who would help me to make rational decision?
    Who would correct and appreciate my new write up? Cause do you remember, you taught me to express my feelings through writing..?
    Who would go exploring mountains and meadows with me?
    Who would teach me about new and different tracking skill?
    Who would be my partner for the late night talking and shows, when I return home?
    Who would teach me to differentiate between branded and first copy clothes?
    Who would get me accessories to add up in my jewellery collection?
    Who would solve all the family mess?
    Who would always be there for me?

    Everything is unanswered.. I swear I would never ever forgive you to leave me alone to face everything.

    You were lifeline and without you I am as good as walking-talking dead body. You are gonna be my constant throughout my life.

    -Your little niece ��


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    Constant bond

    Have you
    realised what
    you did to me?