• devdutta 6w

    Invictus Always

    When nothing in life seems to be working out
    And upon the dreary desert sands of failure, feet drag on
    When spirit is crestfallen, crushed by harsh circumstances
    While the duel with destiny finds no end;
    Then, remember poet William Ernest Henley
    And his invigorating clarion cry -
    Invictus! Don’t forget who you are
    Rise up, aim for the stars!

    Say: “I’m the master of my fate, I’m
    the captain of my soul.
    Forces stacked up bludgeon me, but will not keep me down.”

    Hark! O hear! Fighter, marshal your strength
    Try and gather that last bit of courage
    From the debacle ashes, can you rise up like Phoenix?
    Holding your head high, won’t you show the world your mettle?

    For when all is said and done and tales are told
    They’ll remember you as one who forever stood his ground;
    Singing a paen in your honor,
    They’d say this, over and over:
    “Strong, brave, invictus, unvanquished!
    He was our hero, may all glory be his!”

    Inspired by William Ernest Henley’s Invictus