• _the_mourning_sage_ 6w


    Bit by bit, I saw the world go awry
    From within a cage, of the tears I cry.
    Bit by bit, I heard the world go dumb
    From a cage, of voices stifled with false aplomb.

    I watched and watched as plans fell apart
    While devouring all energy needed for a restart
    Falling hard, crushing hearts
    Like a domino of shelves, in a misshapen mart.

    The thoughts of daring
    Thoughts of self caring
    All evaporated in a capitalistic mist
    Leaving all, with a monetary itch.

    Ideals died, hope cried
    On the grills of life, dreams were fried
    And all I did was watch the world go awry
    Stuck within a cage of the tears I cry.