• __riya_m 5w

    Gazing at you I thought how fortunate I am to meet you My heart started pounding and I started babbling, You think I am unaware that you are looking at me and smiling, Your smile delineate how much you are in love with me, How much you trust me Whenever I am dejected, Whenever I want to flee somewhere, I just close my eyes and I find you by my side You are always there Soggy winds touch my cheeks and blows away the wisp of my hair, Oh I found myself sitting beside the seashore, Hearing the surf and perceiving the silence in the air Tucking the loose strand of the hair behind my ear You took me for a long walk to cheer me up and wipe off my tears After endless conversations its time for you to leave, Because parting away is the first rule for another meet Please don’t ask me to open my eyes I don’t want to get jolted back from my reverie, But soon I realized its better to hold your winglike shadow safe in the lock of my memory

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