• la_pluma_negra 5w

    the first time I saw you, my world shifted.
    Became a mosaic of beautiful ache that settled into my bones.
    I could feel the pull of you, rise inside my chest.
    words swimming around my stomach.
    like blades and butterflies,
    cutting deep yet sending euphoric vibrations through every nerve ending in my body.
    I was in love. not a school girl crush, just immature affections that needed time to transition from cerebral lust to devotion.
    and since I laid eyes on you.
    My whole life has become,
    Poetry. In. Motion.
    Ode to Langston Hughes,
    and The Panther & The Lash,
    a work that weighed heavy yet felt like a cloud
    Ode to Pablo Neruda,
    every line he's written shaking the core of me. Ode,
    to Hafiz and Miguel Pinero
    and Joyce,
    Maya Angelou,
    Khalil Gibran,
    Mary O.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.
    Thank you.