• divokost 36w

    Everyday, every single day, I see things which were alive just the other day, on the very next fallen on the ground, rotting in the soil, be it a flower, a leaf or insects. It is disheartening, when we see such decay for the first time everyday, it hurts, it feels there is little one can do about storing living things in living moments, but as time passes by and I see a new bud flower or a tiny ant toil away with some scrap, I realize that it is not possible for us to be in awe of immortal things for long, for we are mortal and everyday when we wake up we hope to see life more because we see death along with it. If things never did die, we would have long lost our hope of surviving the odds against us, for life would not mean much if there was no death, and then the thrill of living every moment as if it was our last would be gone. For as much as I covet life, I know there is no idea of life worth living if it is never coming to an end.


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    Tis in the places where
    death not be,
    Such love for life I shall
    never see.