• luxdecus 35w

    -LuxDecus. Happy Mothers day to all the mom out there. And specially to my mom. Nay I love you and I miss you.

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    Mom, I'm Missing You

    It's been two years now, since you left us,
    Feeling uneasy and a bit rushed.
    Why so sudden? You were strong.
    You left us asking where it went wrong.

    You're ready to go,
    But our hearts still holding on.
    You never said goodbye,
    And only God know why.

    I still miss you everyday,
    I think of you everytime I am awake.
    And when I sleep, I dream of you.
    Laughing and smiling, I wish it's true.

    Mom, eventhough I know you're in heaven,
    Please let me feel your presence more often.
    Because I feel lonely and sad,
    All I need is your comforting hug.

    Mom, I wish you all the best,
    And let yourself have a good rest.
    I love you and you know I mean it,
    It's just that I miss you every bit.

    Thank you Mom for the sacrifices you gave,
    I will never forget.
    All the love that I received,
    Forever in my heart, I wiil keep.