• srushti15 23w

    When our eyes met for the first,
    I just knew it was a sort of lust;
    For then everything seemed new,
    And I sacrificed my sleep thinking of you!
    It unknowingly became a habit to see ya everyday,
    And when I did, my heart ran like a light's ray!
    Your hair basically were tanned brown,
    Your smile seemed to me as the most beautiful of the town!
    No one for me could match your grace,
    The problem between us was the distance pace;
    I remember it was hailing from the top,
    When for the first we talked at the coffee shop!
    When you talked to me for the first,
    Those lips quenched my heart's thirst!!
    I was unable to tell you what I felt,
    For when I see you, my words melt!
    I can praise you for a whole day,
    But my love for you so great,
    That I need many days to say!!