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    Inaya was quite sure of her interview. She actually thought she will have the opportunity to work for Symphony Firms. It was such a prestigious firm and an internship of 2 years in this firm would help her to get into top universities for an MBA.
    As she waited for the call; she began to cherish the prefect life she had. She never had to face any buts and ifs in her life. Whenever there was a problem she had her secret guardian who helped her. Everything was just like a fairytale story except for once.. only if that incident had not happened in her life....
    "Inaya Shroff" a sharp call of her name forced Inaya to comeback to her present.
    The corridor was quite chilled and the sharp air from the A.C made her shiver. Chilled air and nervous are not a good combination; which she will come to know after a few moments.
    As she entered the room of V.P. she saw her worst fear coming to existence. He was the last person she expected to see at the interview. Different country different continent made it seem impossible for her to think that they might cross paths ever. Honestly she never thought of seeing her, but the moment she did everything she felt about her last and him came rushing back. Pulling her away from the present she heard a plea a laughter and a shrill cry. The pain agony didn't took a second to come to her. She thought she had long forgetting those haunting memories. But rather they were kept in a hidden box deep inside brain to open only when pushed the button.
    As she passed away the only thing she saw was the smiling face of Drake.

    ........ To be Continued .........

    Krittika_Diu with @danny_a
    Cover Courtsey : @danny_a

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