• jwinchester 5w

    Laughs Of Clover

    There will be
    a day breath
    escapes lungs
    in my death.

    Weary worn I
    see you'll too
    depart under a
    sun or moon.

    Take memory,
    I'll cherish all,
    I've felt here as
    an end it calls.

    It is not as if I
    have not felt a
    joy it a shelter
    from life's rain.

    A rain of pain
    I've felt it clear.
    So oceans a love
    I keep me near.

    Gentle laughs,
    they reach me,
    calm a storm
    under I sleep.

    I remember it
    over and over
    laughs so soft,
    like as if clover.

    It's not been a
    fairy tell life I
    feel a day cut;
    it as if a knife.

    My end I'll see
    under a moon.
    So inside tides
    love in moves.