• _divya__ 5w

    I secretly cry over sad song for these made me realize that i was not alone. I hear the pain in the singer's voice which guided me to go back to the loneliness I once had. It extremely hurt me, especially my heart. ❤
    I secretly cry over sad song partially to recover partly to. Understand, and somehow to cry for my own sorrow. It's definitely bheart breaking that someone else also feels the same way as I did before. And I cry over sad song nobody cares, and nobody knows the reason behind, for I still remember those moments which ruined me, the entire me.
    I really know that it's not the sad song's fault, it's the thoughts that comes to my mind when I hear any of those. It's also a little bit funny or weird, it seems like every sad song were crafted to injure me. So I just close my eyes while the music plays and wishing I will feel better tomorrow again.
    #sadsong #love #hurt #cry #di_vi

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    I secretly cry over sad song