• feministconfessional 34w

    The Pink Cap

    In my dream
    I wore a pink cap
    Baby pink
    The colour of girl
    The crown was large
    So when I squatted down
    To question you
    I could arrange it
    Just so
    Like a little verandah
    Offering privacy
    To my interrogation
    Of your impropriety
    You told me there was another
    Another other
    Another other woman
    I enquired about her age
    Was she even younger?
    Younger than I was
    Back when
    Oh, you remember…
    Back when you took me
    Back when you took my naivety
    My eagerness for love
    And denied it growth
    Kept it confined
    To a place and a time
    My bedroom
    Your car
    Furtive knocks on the window
    Startling me out of sleep
    When it suited you
    You you you you you

    I remember that time
    You told me how sex back home
    Was no longer spontaneous
    That she had to stop
    To insert a pink cap of her own
    To block your sperm
    From doing their job
    From finding their home

    So when I found out
    There had been another other
    Another other woman
    I squatted down, close
    And pulled my pink cap
    Over our heads
    Like a little verandah
    Like a little diaphragm
    My cunt radiating fierce energy at you
    Vagina dentata growling
    And I asked you one question
    The one question that would make you squirm
    And panic
    Make your bug eyes pop open
    Your mouth a round “O”

    Does Your Wife Know?

    And the tone of my voice
    And the look in my eye
    That I might be ready to tell
    That I might be ready to fucking YELL
    And the threat of the terror
    And the look in your eyes
    Made me despise
    You you you you you
    Your weakness and
    Your predictable patterns of predation
    While I felt strong
    And big
    And powerful
    Over you