• synd__ 6w

    Five Senses

    Don't ask me,
    I don't even know what I'm looking at.
    These eyes can't even see the light of the day.
    More so, the vision unfolding before me.
    The sight of you is a nightmare I wish to forget.

    Don't speak to me,
    I can't comprehend what I hear.
    These ears can't process anything you say.
    Your words travel faster than the light.
    It penetrates my core and delivers nothing but anguish.

    Don't give me flowers, 
    I only smell betrayal.
    Its scent clings to me, never wanting to let go.
    It brings a sweet aroma reminding me of you.
    But with it, comes along the bitterness of a love lost.

    Don't you dare hold me,
    Those are hands which held another.
    Such act of filth, I do not tolerate.
    The warmth and gentleness of your touch,
    They belong to me no more and never will again.

    Don't kiss me,
    Its subtleness sends a shiver down my spine.
    Flashbacks of our love was stabbing pain in the chest.
    And a future with you, gone in a snap.
    It was a love unparalled, or so I thought.

    You were the apple of my eye,
    the graceful voice to my ears.
    the fragrant rose in my garden
    the soft touch in my stormy weather.
    and the delicate kiss to my lips.

    All it was, was a memory left behind.