• shreyashidutta_ 22w


    You came in my life,
    as the meadow in the sunshine,
    as the first rain of the season,
    the beautiful poetry of a poet,
    that poetry which enchants.
    You gave me the shoulder to cry on,
    and touched my soul as the wind of the spring.
    Became the most prized possession of my life,
    made my life worth living,
    and became the biggest blessing of my life,
    and the sunshine of mine which dazzles.
    When you left I burned our photographs into ashes,
    I lost the reason to live.
    I felt,
    you came back and stood in front of me,
    not even a single cell of my body moved,
    I thought I was hallucinating,
    just can't dare to close my eyes,
    what if you were just a dream,an illusion of my eyes.
    But you......you faded,faded dark somewhere in the dense dark forest where I can never be with you,
    our worlds were mismatched,
    I still wait on that road where you left me,
    our journey was different,but destination was the same,
    where journey is beautiful than destination,
    where the sky azure and write our love story in the clouds,
    where the land and the sky meets,our love story starts.
    Falling for you was not my option,
    it was my priority,
    you were not my property,you were my treasure.