• deekshavyas 10w

    Greetings from Indian artisan.

    the land of various religious, caste as well as art and crafts.
    India has a rich cultural heritage, which is admired by the people across the World.
    But from the last decade the result of globalization and ever-changing markets, Indian artisan groups are challenged to take the skills native to their various castes and trades and utilize them in more diverse and marketable ways.

    The rich craft heritage of India is unique and diverse as its customs and traditions.
    Each geographical region of the country has its own unique culture.

    So as a influencer of society why not because to spread a good cause is never a bad cause.
    Be a part to our small mission for Indian rural artisan to reach globally.

    Tell us your address and we"ll send you a symbol of craftmenship. When you receive it, don't forget to tag us , follow us for more symbols and stories and share it with others who trust the beauty of art&craft.