• walkerofpaths 9w

    A Night in Wisconsin

    One of my fondest memories,
    Walking to Cattails,
    Getting some of the best tasting,
    Poison Honey.

    Waiting for you,
    To get off work,
    Knowing that you'd be,
    Coming home to me.

    We made tacos that night,
    At least I think we did,
    Maybe burgers,
    I digress.

    We destroyed that bottle,
    Happily I might add,
    Not done yet,
    We walked back up to The Pig.

    Grabbed the same bottle,
    Different flavor,
    Almost got into a fight,
    With the privileged white.

    You knew you were safe with me,
    I would have gave up my existence for you,
    Home again,
    We drank away all the worries,
    Dancing terribly in the middle of the kitchen.

    What a fuckin hangover,
    Did we encounter that next morning.