• myriadwrites 5w


    Prior to that moment,
    I never knew angels existed.
    I thought they only existed in stories,
    But you changed my mind.

    They told me angels were real;
    I had to see for myself.
    And I didn't believe until I saw you,
    But you brought me to my knees.

    Take me to your stardom
    Because angels don't come from this Galaxy.
    Take me to your Queendom
    Because your resplendence is captivating.

    You've broken down my walls,
    My vulnerabilities and my insecurity.
    You've built up my confidence,
    My self-esteem and my mentality.

    Your Highness, take me high;
    Higher than the mount of Everest,
    Over the clouds of the blue sky
    And let me fly on your wings.

    Your mesmerizing beauty is something
    My mind keeps pondering on.
    My brain is flummoxed at your exquisite prettiness,
    And the powerful weapon of beauty you wield.

    For someone like me
    Who doesn't believe in love,
    I am quite shaken
    From the emotions you make me feel.
    Will you become my fallen angel, Àjoké mí?